Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Seize The Day With Newsies!!!

Giuseppe Bausilio (Newsies, Billy Elliot, Spring's Awakening)
signing autographs after his first show in Newsies, Fall 2013.
June 4, 2014
Day 35/365

Last night, I had the great pleasure of seeing Newsies on Broadway.  It wasn't my first time seeing the show (I think it was my fourth time now), but it was a very special night for two BIG reasons.

1) I got to see Giuseppe Bausilio in the role of Racer, a part he played this past fall as well, but last night he began a full contract with the show.  He's a fantastic performer, an utterly jaw-dropping dancer, and a seriously hysterical guy with a very funny part!  Giuseppe is what you'd call a triple threat and then some!  He's got all you could ask for in a performer for any type of show--and I've now seen him in three very, very different parts on and off-Broadway.  But he's also got a stage presence you simply cannot teach.  It's a gift of panache, wit, and timing, a confidence from within, and a killer smile all in one.

If you know anything about Newsies, you know this is a major ensemble show, meaning so many actors have so many big parts, all of them coming together to create a major wow effect each and every performance.  But Giuseppe has a cool role in that he's meant to stand out, meant to own the stage at times in a combination of comic relief and spotlight ownership.  His cast mates are, all of them, each one better than the next, which is to say they are all absolutely fantastic, multi-talented individuals, and all of them stars.  So though I've gone back to the show a few times now to see Giuseppe shine, I'm always floored by the abundance of talent in the rest of the cast too.

2) The second reason last night was so special is because for the first time, my partner Andy went along with me!  It's hard convincing Andy to attend any Broadway shows, because he's always (rightfully) worried about the money I spend.  I owed him a birthday present though, and we're presently in that once-a-year temporary cushion called tax refund season, so he happily agreed. 

Andy's got great taste in a great many things, so as I knew he would, he loved the show!  He also got to meet Giuseppe after the show, which only added to the fun.  Andy's heard me talk about the Bausilio family a lot, so I was delighted to finally introduce Giuseppe and his mom to Andy, and spend some quality time with them.  Whenever my worlds can come together like this, it's extra fun and extra exciting for me. 

Newsies is a story about a bunch of underdogs challenging the system, and just looking to make an honest wage for an honest day's work.  It's a job I held for a few years too, back when I delivered Newsday on Long Island...back when they actually had newspaper boys and not adults in vans delivering "the papes"!  If you get a chance, seize the day and go, especially now that Giuseppe is back in as Racer.  It's an exciting, powerful, heart-pounding show filled with laughter, inspiration, and absolutely amazing dancing.  A fantastic show any way you sell the news, but Giuseppe is just awesome, so don't miss your chance to see him...get your tickets today!

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