Thursday, September 18, 2014

Enneagram Personality Type 2

September 18, 2014
Day 141

The Enneagram Personality Type 2 is a wild card.  They can be very obvious or they can blend in well.  The old standard by which you can guess if a person is a Two is if they seem really interested in how you're doing.  It's not that Twos are innately more caring, though some may think so.  It's just that if they find someone they like, they don't let them go.


The Enneagram Two is called the helper, and though they're excellent role models for service and attention, they also know very well how to help themselves too!

Of the Enneagram 2s I've known in life, some are wonderful, caring, happy and generous people, who have done a lot for others without seeking anything in return.  Others have made it very clear that they've done something, and expect a gift or reward for their good deed, even if just in the form of lots of attention.

The Enneagram Two enjoys serving others, being the go-to guy or girl for anything anyone needs, and generally just being the perfect person to have around when things go bad.  They want to be at your service, and they feel fulfilled when they can help others with whatever they might need.

In the Winnie The Pooh stories, Kanga (Roo's mother) exhibits the most 2-like attributes, although some have said Christopher Robin might be a Two as well.

Famous Enneagram Twos include Princess Diana, Whitney Houston, Bill Cosby, Richard Simmons, Mr. Rogers, Dolly Parton, Monica Lewinsky, Desmond Tutu, and Madonna.

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