Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Enneagram Personality Type 7

September 23, 2014
Day 146

Sevens are rarer than most other numbers, possibly in a tie with the Threes, and they're really fun to have around.  They're energetic pleasure seekers who love a good party, and avoid stress as much as possible. 

You know you're with a 7 when they seem to have a constant desire to stay active and keep finding new experiences.  You may have just spent the day at a beautiful restaurant followed by three wineries, and the 7 is looking to make plans at a club that night.

The Enneagram Seven is called The Enthusiast, because they're just bursting with energy all the time.

Of the Sevens I've known, most have been very balanced, and they do take life seriously when they have to, although it seems to be a struggle for them to delve into darker matters when necessary. 

In The Winnie The Pooh stories, Tigger is the Seven.  Happy go lucky, literally bouncing all over the place, he just wants to have fun.  Tigger can be serious if he absolutely has to, but mostly?  He just wants to have fun!  Sevens "bounce" back to full energy soon after they're temporarily slowed down.

Famous Enneagram Sevens include Mel Brooks, Alan Cumming, Cameron Diaz, Fran Dresher, Robert Downey, Jr., George W. Bush, Elton John, Eddie Murphy, and Britney Spears.

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