Saturday, September 20, 2014

Enneagram Personality Type 4

September 20, 2014
Day 143

Fours are one of my favorite types (but no, I'm not a Four).  They just exude something poetic and romantic that I find very attractive.

You can pick out the Fours in a crowd fairly easily, once you get the hang of The Enneagram, but beware: they're also the type who tend to hate The Enneagram.  Why?  Because they feel boxed, labeled, and worst of all, understood, something they prefer to believe is impossible.

The Enneagram Four is often called the poet or the romantic.  The Four wants to be different, and wants to be completely unclassifiable.  And really?  They are! 

Of the Fours I've known--and there have been many--the ones who start to learn about the Enneagram in depth either love it or hate it, there's no in between.  They either love being understood for their mysteriousness, or they hate being dissected and picked apart like some kind of lab rat.

Fours are often cultural experts, and are both blessed with the ability to see beauty in even the strangest of places and cursed with the sometimes-unwilling desire to pass judgment on those who treat life without the degree of sophistication they believe it deserves. 

In the Winnie the Pooh stories, Eyeore is a Four.  "Thanks for noticing me," he might say softly as he wanders off to appreciate the sunset, or work on a painting.

Famous Enneagram Fours include Bjork, Cate Blanchett, Nicolas Cage, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Morrissey, Sylvia Plath, Meryl Streep, and Judy Collins.

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