Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sneak peek from my third book

September 9, 2014
Day 132

Today I thought I'd just use this space to post an update on my book-writing progress.

There are just three books in this series I'm writing, so this third one I'm working on now is the third and final installment.  It's been a fun trip for me writing these, so I hope if you haven't given them a chance yet, you'll pick them up soon.

In Book 1, I laid out some of my major characters, and presented a new revelation that would shake the Earth.  Heaven was about to reveal itself to Earth once and for all, and nothing would ever be the same.

In Book 2, Heaven reveals itself, Lucifer jumps in the game too, and despite all the best efforts of the angels, all Hell breaks loose on Planet Earth.  A LOT happens, and we begin to see how interconnected angels and demons really can be with humanity.

In Book 3, we find out how this will all end.  How can a series about Heaven revealing itself to humanity close out without the end of the world coming into play too?  Well rest assured, I have no such ending planned for humanity, but that doesn't mean I don't still have a very special ending--and beginning--up my sleeve anyway!

Without further adieu, here's a sneak-peek excerpt from my third book:

In a large theatre on Long Island, over a thousand people were gathered for a private reading from a famous Long Island medium.  Once he arrived on stage, and the applause and cheering quieted, he told everyone there how the reading would go, and asked people to remain patient and kind if the readings turned to people other than them.  People nodded their heads vigorously, showing their full support, even though most of them still secretly prayed for the medium’s undivided attention.  They clinched their bags and crossed their legs, all of them hoping to hear from their loved ones who had crossed over.

The medium suddenly had an astonished, happy look on his face.  He looked all around the room now with a whimsical, curious gaze.  “Someone here is connected to William the angel?”  The audience let out one of those collective gasps you only get at a major theatrical event, the kind reserved for a character’s death, a rope slipping in a circus act, or a performer beginning to fly high above the stage.

“I mean it,” he said, “I’m seeing William.”  Silence met him as he looked around the room.  “I’m not, like, seeing him here in the room, but I’m being shown him, so someone must be connected to him somehow.”  No one was volunteering any information, or admitting they had any connection whatsoever to William.  The medium started moving toward the back of the orchestra section, scanning a collection of seats that maybe included 50 people at the most.  “I think I’m over here,” he said.  “Who’s got the male TB connection?”  People looked more confused than ever, and began wondering if the angel William had some connection to tuberculosis, but the medium quickly clarified.  “I don’t think it’s TB like the disease, I’m getting TB like a person’s name.  Tobias, Tibby, Tabby?”

“My son’s name is Toby,” a woman nearby called out.  The medium went over to her as someone passed her a microphone.  “My little boy is Toby, but neither of us have any connection to William.”  She tensed up at the connection, and suddenly felt very uneasy.  The medium then added, “I’m sorry to ask, but did someone you know recently pass from a gunshot to the head?”  She couldn’t believe he’d just said this, and began crying painfully.  “Yes,” she managed to tell him, “Just last week.  My husband’s older brother.”

“I’m sorry,” the medium said, but quickly went on, “I just feel like it was very unexpected.  Like he was really happy one minute, and the next he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Does that make sense to you?”  She nodded, and said, “We don’t know what it was.  He was up in Vermont, and someone called 911 to report a shooting.  The call wasn’t traced, and they haven’t figured out what happened or who did it.  It’s just been very strange because—”  She looked at the medium now with dawning recognition, then over to her sister who had come with her, “He’d been telling the family at his mother’s funeral that he went to Hell, that he had met angels and gone to Hell.  We all mocked him, we told him to stop it, but he kept going on about it like it really happened.  He was a smart guy, not crazy at all, so it really upset us.

The medium began nodding and said, “Well, I think a lot of people have said a lot of crazy stuff since the angels began appearing, but I must confess, I haven’t heard anyone say they went to Hell.”  People laughed at this, and it relaxed everyone a bit, but the woman was staring at the medium in a strange way.  “He said this before William even appeared though for the first time.”  The medium looked perplexed, but smiled.  “I hate to say this and be wrong,” the medium said, “But I think I have Stephen here, and he’s telling me it’s true.  He’s showing me a drawer in his house, I think it’s a file cabinet, and somewhere near the top is a piece of paper he printed out.  I feel like it must be very important for you, maybe to bring closure.”

She nodded in affirmation, and wiped away the tears left over around her eyes.  “Okay, I’ll have to do that.” 

He looked seriously at her for a long moment.  “Is there any way you can get it right now, or call someone...

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