Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Greatest Synchronicity Story

September 3, 2014
Day 126

I'm going to tell you a story that will make you believe in God.

Nah, not really.  It is a pretty cool story though!

I was seeing Gypsy at Molloy College a few years ago, and I was there with a group called Dinner Anyone that my friend Ken Arenson had created for the Long Island GLBT Community.  The premise of the group was to bring together women and men for fun social activities like dinners and shows, where there was no pretense involved, and normally no extra fees.  We'd pay for our dinner only, or our own personal show ticket, and that was it.  Some of us knew each other, either from previous Dinner Anyone events or elsewhere, but most of us did not.

I got my seat assignment from Ken completely randomly, and found my seat.  I could have been seated in about 12 to 15 different locations, and I could have chosen not to have gone at all.  The subject of the story here could have chosen not to go too.

No one was sitting next to me, but another young guy around my age was in the seat two over from me.  And as these things are, we got to talking.  Chit chat at first, I guess, and then...

"Where are you from?" I asked him.

Though he lived nearby, people were there from all around Long Island.  (I'll change some names here too.)

"Malverne," he said.  "Oh, my aunt lives there.  Where in Malverne?"

"Over off Cool Street."

"Oh, my aunt lives off Cool Street.  She's down Wow Street."

"I'm down Wow Street too."

"Well she's on one of the dead-end streets off there."

"Yeah, me too, actually."

"Well, she's on Incredible Street."

"I'm on Incredible Street!"

"Wow!  Well, she's the last house on the left." 

"I'm the last house on the right!  Your aunt is Ms. Fitzpatrick?" 


And then my mind did something crazy and exciting all at once, and I added, "When I was little, I used to play with the kid across the street from her.  How old are you?"  He told me, and we both realized we'd been sitting next to someone we'd known about 20 years earlier when we were kids!

That was maybe eight years ago now, not sure, but he and I have been very close friends ever since.  I moved to Malverne five years ago, and he's over my house all the time.

I no longer believe in mere coincidences.  I do believe in something more powerful, though.  We're all connected in ways we don't even realize, and you just never know what forces are at work in this beautiful world of ours until you experience them.  For me, this reunion is proof positive of the Law of Synchronicity in the universe, and it's a law I'm less and less surprised to see now the older I get. 

Life is just amazing.  Expect the incredible!

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