Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Enneagram Personality Type 8

September 24, 2014
Day 147

Today belongs to the Eights.  They are in charge of this day.  They rule this day.  They are the masters and commanders of this day, and don't you forget it!!!

The Enneagram 8 is the LEADER, the director, and the boss.  He or she wields a powerful energy, and you better believe they enjoy wielding this powerful energy.  "Someone needs to be the leader," these Eights say, "So let it be me!  Let me show you the way, and let me decide how we'll get this project done!"

Of all the numbers on the Enneagram, 8s stand out from the herd, and don't like just being part of the herd.  On the rare occasions they are not the boss, they find ways of rising to the top anyway. 

But the 8 is not necessarily the leader in a bad way.  No, 8s are very often amazing leaders, protecting the herd and moving everyone forward.  They can be amazing when they speak out for the rights of others, the softer voices in their midst.  Healthy 8s know that with great power comes great responsibility, and they work very hard to help everyone they lead.

Of the 8s I've known, some have been loud and brash at times, but all of them have had hearts of...well, hearts of marshmallows.  An 8 is often hard and strong on the outside, carrying only a powerful demeanor when in public, but inside?  They can be a total mush!  They are in touch with their emotional side at their best, and only lost in brooding thoughts at their weakest.

In the Winnie The Pooh stories, there is no strong 8 lead, although Christopher Robin might be a very healthy 8.  Other suggestions I've heard are the gorilla and the Heffalump, although this latter example is better understood in Piglet's traditional worries about the Heffalump.  In recent years, the character is presented in a more friendly way.

Famous Enneagram Eights include Gloria Allred, Charles Barkley, Johnny Cash, Don Imus, Diane Lane, Mark McGwire, Suzanne Pleshette, Queen Latifah, Donald Trump, and Ann Richards.

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