Thursday, September 25, 2014

Enneagram Personality Type 9

September 25, 2014
Day 148

Why worry so much?  Just relax.  We can be a little late; it's not gonna kill us.  Let's just have a great time!

If you or someone you know sounds anything like this, there may be a Nine in your midst.  Congratulations.  Your blood pressure will be lowered a bit just by being around them (unless you're a 1, in which case you might just get pissed at your 9 friend).

The Enneagram Nine is, quite simply, the most relaxed personality type on the Enneagram.  They are the peacemakers, but I'd suggest they are more accurately the peacefinders.  They find peace, for themselves and others, as if it's as simple to find as their next breath. 

Of the Nines I've known, all have been easy to get along with.  There's a reason we say Nines are the nice guy/nice girl type.  They're friendly, calm, easy going, and don't rock the boat.  Though some may be labeled lazy, most are just supremely relaxed, and they are puzzled why the rest of us don't relax more too!

In the Winnie The Pooh stories, Winnie The Pooh himself is the Nine.  He's everyone's friend, but you'd never mistake him for having the nervous energy of Piglet, the hardworking drive of Rabbit, the wise observation skills of Owl, or the bubbly, all-over-the-place excitement of Tigger.  One of the most interesting things I learned in the monastery about Nines is their tendency to focus on one thing so intently, it's hard to shake them from it.  Though it's true they are the most relaxed about almost anything, when they get an idea in their heads, they turn on their superpower tunnel vision until they get it.  Winnie The Pooh does this of course with honey!  He's everyone's friend, sweet, easy going, and relaxed, but when there's honey around?  Watch out!  He's got to go get it!

Famous Enneagram Nines include Tony Bennett, Yogi Berra, Matthew Broderick, Queen Elizabeth II, Rita Rudner, Barbara Hershey, Bill Clinton, Lisa Kudrow, Ray Romano, and Keith Richards.

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