Thursday, April 16, 2015

But wait, what comes next?

April 16, 2015
Day 351

Every day for almost a year now, I've shared stories of my past, or paused to reflect about life as I've known it to be.  This week though, for the very first time, I realized I have something absolutely huge waiting for me starting May 1st.

Starting May 1st, once I've turned the big 4-0, I will have 40 years' worth of stories and thoughts behind me, but also a blank piece of paper waiting for me to write on next.  All new life experiences to be had, places to visit, people to meet, and lessons to be learned.  On May 1st, I'll be starting an all-new time period in my life, a brand new era.

Of course there aren't too many items on my post-40 calendar just yet: I have dinner plans mid-May, will publish my third book in June or July, I've got a single theatre ticket waiting for me in August, I'll publish this book in November, and I hope to finish writing my fifth book by the end of the year for a Spring 2016 publication.  Big things, yes!  But for the most part as I look ahead, I really don't have any idea what the future will hold for me, or what new stories are waiting to be formed. 

For 351 days in a row so far, I've thought about all that has been and all that is right now, but with just two weeks left of this blog and this 40th year of my life, I'm finally starting to look ahead.  And what do I see?  I see lots of sunny days coupled with plenty of not-so-sunny days too.  I see laughter and tears, celebration and mourning, profound happiness, and yes, even profound sadness.  In other words, as I look ahead of me now, I see life.

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