Thursday, April 9, 2015

Embracing My Inner Teacher

April 9, 2015  Day 344

After today, I've got just three weeks left until I hit the big 4-0.  Noticing my time on this blog was running out, I reminded Andy last night that he still hasn't given me his "guest entry" I'd asked him for at least twice before.  I know it's my 40th year, and my blog, but I just thought it'd be really sweet of me to surrender 1/365th of myself to my life partner.

I also just went through my first three months of blog entries here to get an idea of what I've told you over the course of this year.  Overall, I'm happy with it.  I definitely wrote longer posts in those first two months especially, and I saw that on Day 50 I finally realized I should write them a tad shorter.

But what surprised me the most was how much more I talked about turning 40 in those first two months after turning 39.  It was like I was obsessed.  Now though?  Not so much.  Now it's more of a big day waiting for me just ahead, followed by many more days of not caring too much.  I'm 99% certain I don't look my age yet, and 100% certain I don't feel my age yet either.  I suppose I do know I'm 39 pushing 40 now, but I'm willing to own that. 

I worked hard to reach this point in my life, when I'm the teacher more often than I'm the student, and that's good!  Bring it on!  I may never be a parent, but I like the idea of standing in front of the room directing the class, instead of sitting quietly behind one of the desks.  To that goal, I'm happy to announce that I'll once again be guest speaking at Nassau Community College next week, discussing my writing process with students seeking to improve their reading and writing skills.  I'm grateful for the opportunity once again, and grateful to take ownership of my role as a teacher.

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