Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Keyed, Mugged, and Swindled

Found online, not footage of my incident.
April 15, 2015
Day 350

A few years ago, I walked through the parking lot of a train station to find someone had purposely keyed (scraped a key across) my car. 

It was no accident, I soon confirmed, once I realized the word FAGGOT had been scraped across the entire passenger side.  My car has a rainbow sticker on the back, so the perpetrator knew I was proud to be gay.  I never had the slur removed or the car repainted, because it's difficult to see from a distance anyway, but also because I want people to know some of what I've had to put up with.

Someone sold me a timeshare program once that cost me five-to-six hundred dollars.  He told me I'd won it, that all I had to do was pay the small fee to get all the great bonus gifts and vacations.  I lived, I lost it all, and I learned.  On a separate occasion, I learned a life lesson about Time-Life videos too.  I ordered one, not realizing I'd keep getting another one each month.  Needless to say, I had at least nine months' worth of those things stacked up before I canceled. 

And in high school, I was in Manhattan with two close friends one day when someone came up behind me and started trying to steal my coat.  It was daytime in a very nice neighborhood on Park Avenue, as memory recalls, and much to my dismay, I soon watched my two friends run away once they saw what was happening. 

I was left to fend off the mugger for myself.  He was a little younger than I was, shorter, and didn't seem to have any weapon, so when he punched me under the chin and in my side several times, I kept fighting him off.  In the end, I ran away--with my coat and all my belongings--and my attacker just cursed me out and went off in the other direction.  I was very rattled nonetheless, disappointed in my friends too, but grateful he didn't hurt me more.  

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