Sunday, April 26, 2015

Walking Forward

Bought new sneakers and shoes last night!
April 26, 2015
Day 361

Last night, Andy and I made a trip to the mall, because I was in desperate need of new sneakers and in, they were crumbling beneath me, and my feet were soaked every single time it rained.  I really should have gone sooner, I know, but just happy we finally went last night!

I think buying new shoes is a fitting metaphor for this journey I'm on right now, or more specifically, for the journey I'm about to be on.  When this blog ends on Thursday in advance of my 40th birthday on Friday, I'll just be starting a new adventure in my life, and instead of taking 365 daily steps leading up to 40, I'll actually be 40, without any daily blog to chronicle it in (thank God).

My new sneakers and new shoes will walk with me now starting today, and only I will know what it's like to walk in my own shoes in the days ahead.  As I walk forward toward my 40th birthday and my 41st year on this planet, I'll take new steps toward my future all the time, whatever that future may be.  With new shoes and sneakers on my feet, I'm ready to walk through all new adventures waiting for me in the year ahead.

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