Friday, April 24, 2015

butterflies in my stomach

April 24, 2015
Day 359

Thank you to Andy for yesterday's blog entry!  Just 6 more to go now after today!

I've had these butterflies flying around inside my stomach ever since that day I ate the jar of caterpillars, so I shouldn't be surprised anymore.  Still, it is quite disconcerting whenever they start up.

I might be looking out the window as an old friend walks up to my door, or I'll be attending an event where I know I'll see someone I haven't seen in ages.  Sometimes it happens when I'm speaking to an audience, whether to a hundred people or just 10-15, although it also seems to happen when I'm watching a live event on TV too.  Without fail, the butterflies seize the moment and start flapping around like crazy.

I think the butterflies are able to rest comfortably in my stomach most of the time, but when I begin to get anxious or upset, the stomach acid starts bubbling up, and the butterflies get jittery, trying their best to not get incinerated.  That's just a theory, though; I'm really not sure.

They're going to work right now, actually, just because I'm thinking more and more about turning 40.  I can hear the echo: 40... 40... 40...  Forty years old.  Four decades.  Middle age.  Old.  Twenty years old + twenty more years on top of that. 

Still, I'm trying my best to stay calm.  There are many cool adventures just ahead of me now, and some of those are giving me the happy kind of stomach butterflies.  I'll have some fun celebrations for my 40th birthday, I'll be seeing a dear friend who I haven't seen in years, and I've even got a brief trip to Atlantic City planned on the horizon too. 

All of those are good butterflies, and they flutter about in ways that make me leap up and fly around with them!  Well, at least until we're all horrifically melted in stomach acid.

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