Monday, April 13, 2015

My YouTube Channel

The Big Bang - Deleted Scene
April 13, 2015 
Day 348

For quite a while, YouTube was a huge part of my life.  I watched it every day, I followed a bunch of big YouTube stars--people who became famous because of the site--and I made a bunch of my own videos too.

In August of 2008, I even traveled to Toronto to experience the largest YouTube Convention in the world at that time, 888 (so named because it took place on 8/8/2008).  I was such a newbie at that time, but like so many attendees, I felt like anything was possible.  We met and posed for awkward photographs with other people, including popular YouTubers Dave Days, Tyler Oakley, and Tom McLean (frezned), among many others.  It was a surreal experience for all of us, the famous people and the nobodies, and it was just as awkwardly awesome and awesomely awkward as you'd expect.

My take on YouTube has always been the same: anything's possible.  This is our UHF, our chance to create original content for the world to see, no matter how crazy or silly that content might be.  And my programming lineup of choice?  I created original characters, 99% of which I improvised on the spot.  I even made business cards to hand out to people, hoping more people would discover my channel and me.

Making videos is really fun, and I enjoy coming up with strange original characters too.  I'm a performer at heart, but to get past my inherent stage fright, I prefer to do these kinds of one-take videos at home, without any audience watching me.

As my daily-blog-writing adventure comes to a close soon (only 17 days left now), I'm hoping to start making new videos for my YouTube channel again.  If you've never seen my skits or vlogs, they're just a tad bit odd, I confess, but I try to bring the funny more than the strange, so check them out?

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