Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hard too right this...

April 1, 2015
Day 336

i no you guys usually trussed me but i dont think i can due this no more. You see for some time now ive been axing some one to right my things for me n stuff. It started out normal but than it went to like extreem till i ended up spenin to much money.

its really gottin scarey cuz were once i used ta be able to Handel it but now i. Cant no more"

loking at me i no i dont look dum but thank u iappreshit dat i just need' to take a brake n figur out what ta do next. i may try havin him proofreed my stuf only evry few days i gotta c tho.

if you dont here from me or whatever intil next week it maybe cuz i wanna save money n try not to use the guy two much but i really dont no aneymore or may-b ill just

so yah see u whenevr n dont hate me to much pleas!!!!!! lifes to shorte!!


p.s.s..s. u betta not unscribe or ima get u!

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