Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The circles of life

April 14, 2015
Day 349

Yesterday I went for my inaugural walk around Eisenhower Park on my lunch break.  I do this from roughly April through November each year, always just a half hour or so on my lunch break, and it's always refreshing to the mind and body.

The park isn't laid out with much of a formula, but there's one section I enjoy walking through most often, because I basically go around in a circle at one point in the middle.

It's a really large circle, so it's not as if I feel like I'm seeing all the same things--quite the opposite, actually.  First I pass by the miniature golf area followed by the batting range, and then I walk around a small roundabout where people like to sit or ride their bicycles, and then I start around the much larger circle.

All around the larger circle, there are trees and squirrels, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, and even a large building housing indoor ice skating rinks.  After I complete that circle, I go back a different way toward my car, passing through more woods and several picnic areas, as well as another baseball field.

All of these circles and turns in just a short 25-30 minute walk, and I love it.  It distracts me from the concerns behind me--work, bills, diet, book writing, book editing, and everything else. 

And because yesterday was the first day I returned to the park for my walk since the autumn, I'm seeing how different it all looks right now.  The trees, still tossing off leaves in November, are now completely bare, yet pulsing with the tiniest buds of new life.  They're barely perceptible still, but they're there, and I know in just a few weeks, the park will be alive with much more green on the trees and many more people everywhere too, all of us walking along, in circles.

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