Sunday, April 12, 2015

The God's Honest Truth Is...

April 12, 2015
Day 347

The God's honest truth is, I hate being overweight, but I love food.  I work very hard to lose weight and maintain my weight these days, because I know without all the gym time, my body will very quickly gain and retain it all, up to and surpassing my highest weight.  Overeating is part of my problem, but so too are the kinds of foods I crave.  It's a lifelong struggle for me, and only those who go through this all the time really know how difficult it is.

The God's honest truth is, I want to be a world-famous writer.  I have zero expectations of reaching any great fame this year or next, but I'm absolutely working hard to improve my writing every single day, and I have complete faith in myself that it's possible for me to achieve this goal.  I understand how difficult it is to break into the industry, so to speak, to schmooze my way through the crowd of other writers out there, but you better believe it's my end goal.

The God's honest truth is, I take Andy for granted far too often.  I love him to death, feel madly in love with him, and am still passionately attracted to him, but I also admit--and hate to admit--that I take him for granted far too much.  He's such a beautiful guy and such a sweet, wonderful soul, and I am so lucky every day I get to be around him, let alone kiss him and share my life with him.

The God's honest truth is, I love my job, but I hate my salary, and it seems like the only way I'll get more money is if my writing career takes off.  I'd really like to have some freelance editorial work as well, because that's the kind of work I can do in my free time throughout the week and on the weekends, without it overwhelming me too much.

The God's honest truth is, I love my life, and compared to the struggles and heartaches some people have, I've got no right complaining about anything.  Yes, I'll always strive for "more" and "better", but the God's honest truth is, so much of what I have right now are the kinds of things other people are wishing they had, and in that respect, I'm reminded how blessed I already am.

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