Sunday, April 19, 2015


April 19, 2015
Day 354

Oh geez.  Today is Sunday, which means I can now officially say that my 40th birthday is next week.  As in, one week from this Friday.  As in, 12 days from today.  As in, only 277 full hours away now.

My God, where has this past year gone?  Well, truthfully, it has felt like a year for me, because of this blog.  For 354 days in a row now, I've written a daily blog entry, and for 354 days in a row now, it's made me think about the passing of time.

I'll do a year-in-review blog some time in the next 11 days, which should really help put things in perspective, for both you and me.  Taking my own quick glance backwards, it's amazing to see what happened in my life in just the past year, so that'll be both fun and difficult for me in equal measure.

A year sure does move along pretty quickly though, and when you pause to think about how few years some of us end up getting, it makes you realize how much more living we should to be doing.

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