Wednesday, April 29, 2015

So much in one year

April 29, 2015
Day 364

So much has happened this past year in my life, so besides the other topics I've tackled, here are just some of the events and stories that made up my 40th year of life on Earth.

Yes, the below is one big copy block, but I think that's how it should be.

I marched with Andy in his first gay pride parade in Manhattan, and I argued with hate-filled homophobes at the parade on Long Island. I spent five days in Colorado with a side trip to Wyoming for a pilgrimage to Laramie. Andy and I attended his high school reunion, went to a fun block party, and celebrated my Aunt Jane's birthday in the park with a family reunion. Andy's Uncle Fai went into the hospital, and we spent just about every day at the hospital hoping and praying he'd recover. I took a 10-day vacation from everything up in the mountains of Vermont. I was a guest speaker at two classes at Nassau Community College. My Aunt Nancy died after a battle with cancer. Andy's Uncle Fai died after two months in the ICU. I got called for Jury Duty, and ended up spending a week as Juror Number 2 in the Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn. I spent all of November writing half of a new novel I plan to make my fifth published book in the spring of 2016. Andy and I traveled to Maryland and D.C. to visit with friends and family. I bought a new computer. I wrote and shared with you a poem about potholes, and later that week, got a flat tire from a pothole the size of Montana. We went through a terrible winter filled with lots and lots of snow and freezing cold temperatures. I won the top prize of $500 in the Super Bowl boxes game I participated in. I spent a weekend sightseeing in NY which included my first trip down to the World Trade Center since 2001. Andy and I spent a weekend in Massachusetts for his niece Lorelei's birthday. I spoke to another class at Nassau Community College. Andy and I attended the beautiful wedding of one of his colleagues. And I prepared, as best I could, to turn 40.

At the start of May last year, if you told me I'd attend the funerals of two family members, serve jury duty for the first time in my life, get a flat tire that would sideline my car for months, and had the kind of winter we just had, I'd be both surprised and immensely saddened. Yet at the same time, if you told me I'd go on some great trips to Colorado, Wyoming, Vermont, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Massachusetts, as well as get a brand new computer, win $500 in the Super Bowl, do the amount of writing I did this past year, and successfully analyze the ever-living shit out of turning 40, I'd probably be very happy to hear that. 

This past year of my life has been what the 39 years before it were about too: life. As my friend Cherri reminds me, "It's the only game in town."

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