Thursday, April 23, 2015

Guest Blogger: Andy

April 23, 2015
Day 358

For the past year, Sean has diligently written a blog entry every day.  Many weekends I would tell him to just relax and post something the next day, that no one would notice.  Without fail though, he made sure an entry was always written and posted.  

Today, Sean has turned the reins over to me for a guest blog entry.  I’m very excited that he’s almost done with this project, and honored that he’s asked me to contribute an entry, so let’s see how I do...

As we both approach 40, I’m always amazed at the pace of technology.  Just the concept of a cell phone or a digital camera 20 years ago was abstract and expensive, but today it’s taken for granted.  This makes me curious about the technological singularity that is theorized for the mid-century.  We’ll just have to wait and see where our self-driving cars take us, I suppose.

On a random note, yesterday was Earth Day, which always makes me think about the awful environmental conditions future generations will inherit.  It seems we are developing every conceivable inch of the planet just to satisfy consumer demand for food or products, but I do hope we can reverse this trend at some point.

Today at work is “bring your kids to work day”, one of my favorite days at the office!  Everyone lets their hair down for the day, and we all get free ice cream in the afternoon!

Anyway, I guess I’ll end there.  I’d like to say congratulations to Sean for all the hard work he’s done writing this blog, day after day.  I’m looking forward to seeing it in book form where I can flip through each day, and catch up on all the entries I’ve missed.

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  1. Good Job Andy! I look forward to celebrate both your birthday and Sean's!